Assessment Services

Mental Health Services

Are you unsure what direction you need to take control of your mental health?

We can start your path to wellness by beginning with an assessment.

Diagnostic Assessment / Clinical Comprehensive Assessment

Diagnostic Assessments are in-depth evaluations of a person’s current life situation, including functioning level, symptoms and/or problems, and personal history. These assessments screen for mental health conditions, purpose possible follow-up procedures, and provide a written summary of findings, with recommendations as necessary. Diagnostic assessments are the first step in determining what services may assist individuals and/or children in meeting their specific needs.

Substance Abuse Assessment

Substance Abuse Assessments are in-depth evaluation of a person’s current substance abuse issues, or his/her potential for abusing substances. These assessments are often used by pain management clinics, insurance companies as well as by individual’s family members to assess the need for treatment, the next step in treatment, or a proactive plan for ensuring abuse does not occur. Additionally, an evaluation may include questions that can identify any co-occurring issues, such as a mental health disorder or physical health issue.

Medication Management / Evaluation

Medication Management serves individuals who are currently taking prescription drugs for the treatment of a mental health diagnosis. This service allows individuals to meet regularly with a doctor to discuss the effectiveness of current medications. Medication Evaluations are available to consumers who are not currently on prescription medications. With a doctor, individuals assess possible benefits of medication during treatment of a mental health diagnosis.