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Our Mental Health Services

The importance of mental health must be a number one priority in today’s stressful world. Pathways to Life offers everything from Outpatient Services for individuals or families, to more intensive and crisis based services for those struggling with severe mental illness or substance abuse.

Substance Abuse

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, you are not alone. Learn more about our individualized + group recovery programs!

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Therapy - Individual + Family

Pathways offers one-on-one, family, or group sessions with professional staff to develop coping skills and nurture overall wellness in all areas of mental health.

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Assessment Services

Are you unsure where to begin to take control of your mental health and wellness? Start your path to wellness by beginning with an assessment.

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Child + Youth Services

Pathways offers youth specific treatment and programs tailored to the age, behavior and unique challenges of each child we serve.

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Adult Services

Our adult centered mental health treatment services cover everything from depression & anxiety to more intensive diagnosis such as schizophrenia & co-occurring disorders.

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Outpatient Services

We provide everything from individual sessions and medication management to treatment planning and assessments from a variety of mental health professionals.

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Our CLIA certified laboratory provides comprehensive testing done by compassionate staff, when and where you need it to monitor medication management and compliance.

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Medication Management

Pathways provides sessions with a qualified physician/prescriber to evaluate and establish appropriate medication dosages and ongoing management.

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Understanding Powered
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In addition to local staff, Pathways To Life, Inc. is overseen by highly qualified professional leaders who understand the importance of helping you, your family and/or your child get back on track. We take this responsibility very seriously at every level of management and care.

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We are a local organization committed to helping individuals and families achieve wellness. We strive to harness the "Power of One" mindset across our agencies by offering a myriad of wellness options and by focusing on this approach, Pathways to Life has the ability to be your one stop shop for all your wellness needs! Through proven programs, treatment methods and a whole person approach, Pathways to Life’s mission is to affect positive change and bring balance back to you! How can we help your journey today?