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Mobile Lab Services

Mobile Lab Services

Mobile/On-site Laboratory Services

For physicians working in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, total care homes, or any other type of facility that makes transporting clients to and from doctor offices and laboratories difficult. This includes an on-site Phlebotomist, and courier services when necessary.

See Lab Menu for specific tests.

Physician Placement

We can provide assistance with identifying a physician (if needed) to come on-site and provide care to residents.

Quality Assurance Visits

If requested by home, or physician, lab staff will conduct quality checks of medications and labs ordered to ensure all regulations are being met and liability to physician and home is minimized.

STAT Assistance

In some situations our lab can be our STAT courier, and in others, we can help develop a protocol that works well for the facility and the lab.

On-Site Employee Drug Screens

Thousands of dollars are lost every year on under functioning employees, workers compensation claims and complaints on staff who are abusing substances. We can help you enforce a strong substance free work place and can even help establish a protocol if necessary.

Mental Health Services

If residents are in need of specialty Mental Health care for various diagnoses, Pathways to Life can assist with placing a Licensed counselor with the resident or in home to provide that care. We can also offer rehabilitation services for staff that test positive on a drug screen.

Mobile Crisis Services

Pathways to Life offers 24/7/365 crisis services for residents, or anyone within the facility who is displaying aggressive behaviors, severe psychological behaviors, suicidal or homicidal ideation, or any other symptom or behavior that is unmanageable by the staff handling their care. The crisis team will respond to the place of crisis, deescalate the situation, and develop a therapeutic plan of action for future.